The Truth About Data Analytics – With Three Examples

Three very different stories about data analytics initiatives transforming the way companies do what they do. Whatever...

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Data Analytics Vs. Data Science –And Other Commonly Confused Analytics Terms

We wade through the commonly confused terms related to data analytics and data science...

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Why Smaller Teams Mean Bigger Outcomes In Data Analytics

Find out how smaller teams focused on collaboration can help deliver bigger outcomes in your data analytics initiatives.

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Building a business case for data analytics

How to avoid hitting the hype threshold and create a solid business case for your data analytics...

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How To Build A Cloud-Native Infrastructure

In this post, Kleopatra Chatziprimou, Cloud Systems Developer at Cloudreach, shares...

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Blackstone + Cloudreach - a year on

What a difference a year makes. I’m writing these lines on a transatlantic flight (there’s no better...

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Bridging Multi Cloud Deployments with Kubernetes

A Global Cloud Professional Services Company working with another Global Professional...

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Blockchain - Revolution, or just another database?

Things continue apace at Cloudy Towers, and as a result I’m somewhat slower at blog writing...

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Cloud Computing: Waves

Technology tends to progress in cycles and contained in those cycles distinct waves of progress...

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Google Cloud Platform - Momentum gathers

It’s fair to say that the cloud IaaS/PaaS world has thus far been dominated by AWS, and Microsoft...

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