How to Migrate VMs To Google Cloud

Nicola Salvo, Chief Technologist for Cloud Migrations, shares some best practices for migrating VMs to Google Cloud using Migrate for Compute Engine.

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How Accelerating Cloud Migration Can Drive Successful Crisis Response

In this post, Cloudreach's Rob Duffy discusses why speeding up cloud migration initiatives is one of the best ways for businesses to respond to crisis events.

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The New Case For Accelerated Cloud Migrations

Rob Duffy explains why faster is better when it comes to cloud migration.

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Best Practices For Accelerated Cloud Migrations

Cloud Architect, Tim Perry, shares some best practices for delivering high-velocity cloud migrations.

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The Case for AWS for Your Windows Workloads Migration

If you’re considering how to migrate your Windows workloads to the cloud and take advantage of the agility, scalability, reliability, and innovation available, choosing the right cloud provider for your needs is imperative. Rob Duffy explains why you should consider Amazon Web Service for your Windows Workloads migration.

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Meet Sebastian Scherer, Cloud Consulting Master

Cloud Consultants like Sebastian Scherer are cloud evangelists at heart, advising our customers from the get-go on ways they can harness Cloud to do things better, and then do better things. However you look at it – whether it’s his doctorate in Computer Science, his ability to translate sophisticated tech-talk into digestible business recs, his budding mint-erests, or his timely Swiss collection (terrible puns intended) – Sebastian is a true master of his craft.

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7 Security Mistakes Organizations Make When Adopting Cloud

Roy White identifies 7 common security mistakes that organizations make when adopting cloud.

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Cloud Transformation Advantage With Cloudreach

Cloud transformation shouldn’t come with a trade-off between quick-wins and big ambitions. Our cloud transformation solutions do both. We translate infinite opportunity into precise choreography—thousands of steps that make your business better while also building towards huge cloud advantage.

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5 Cloud Governance Best Practices

Effective Cloud Governance is essential for managing risk and ensuring security when adopting cloud. In this post, Cloud Consultant, Sebastian Scherer, identifies five best practices to keep in mind when you develop your Cloud Governance policy.

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4 Ways To Transform Your Engineering Team

In this post, our Chief Technologist for Cloud Application Development, Samir Luheshi, shares four tactics you can use to transform your software engineering team and achieve greater business agility.

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