Become Future-Ready with Large-Scale Cloud Migration

This IDC InfoBrief, sponsored by AWS and Cloudreach, will look at how organizations are turning to large-scale cloud migration to respond and recover. It also explores how the roles of IT leaders are changing within enterprises and how organizations are balancing resilience with innovation.

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    The COVID-19 pandemic has been a disruptive and destabilizing force over the past 12 months and organizations are at varying stages of recovery.

    This InfoBrief collates research carried out in partnership with International Data Corporation (IDC). Focused on North America, the research surveyed over 200 CIOs, asking how the COVID-19 pandemic has influenced their role as well as their organization’s outlook and approach to cloud and digital transformation. 

    • How has the pandemic impacted digital transformation plans?
    • Is the role of the CIO changing?
    • What priorities are driving cloud migration initiatives?
    • What role does cloud have to play in the future of businesses?
    • How important are adaptability and agility in organizations going forward?
    • What is the impact of intelligent automation?
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