6 Steps to Cloud Data Maturity

How can you leverage the cloud to become a Data-Driven Organization?

The idea that your business’s data is among its most valuable assets is widely accepted among today’s leaders. It’s known that the wise use of analytics can impact the success or failure of initiatives across all areas of the business, driving revenue and transforming bottom-line results.

The good news is that making better use of data to improve decision-making and create value is an attainable goal for nearly every organization.

Becoming a mature data-driven organization means building a foundational data architecture that can collect and store the right data, but it also means having the right tools to clean your data and prepare it for use, and the skill sets to verify that its quality and quantity are adequate.

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    6 Steps to Data Maturity eBook

    In this ebook we’ll address the 6 Steps to Cloud Data Maturity:


    1. Set the Foundation by Collecting the Right Data
    2. Making It Usable: Refining the Data
    3. Moving Up the Hierarchy: Enrich and Clean the Data
    4. Dressing for Success: Aggregating and Labeling Data
    5. Nearing the Top: Simple Machine Learning and Diagnostic Analytics
    6. Self-Actualization: Implementing Full-Scale Predictive or Prescriptive Analytics