Join Jez Ward & Darren Bowling on the Cloudbusting Podcast as they explore what it means to live, work, and solve business challenges as a cloud-native organization. Each week they invite thought-leaders, innovators and experts to the show to share their insights and experience.

Focusing on transformation, leadership, ways of working and emerging technology they explore the significant impact that cloud is having on people and businesses.

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Bar Raiser podcast
165: Bar Raiser

Join Jez and Darren chat with Jeff Barr, Vice President and Chief Evangelist and listen to him talk about his illustrious career…

Cloud FinOps
164: Picking the bones of Cloud FinOps

Straight talking John Finch, technology adviser to private equity funds & FSIs tells it how it is. FinOps, Cloud cost optimisation, cloud…

AWS re:Invent: It’s a Wrap! podcast
163: AWS re:Invent: It’s a Wrap!

Darren, Jez and Mark Ross, Global Chief Architect at Atos round the circle by giving us a neat wrap up of the…

A Live AWS re:Invent Special podcast
162: A Live AWS re:Invent Special: Cloud Trend #6, Cloud-enabled Climate Action

Decarbonizing digital assets directly impacts 2% of global energy consumption. But how can it help us impact the 98%? We believe climate…

The Talent Crisis podcast
161: A Live AWS re:Invent Special: Cloud Trend #5, The Talent Crisis

In 2022, over 50% of organizations reported the skills shortage to be severely impacting growth or posing an existential crisis to business….

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