Join Jez Ward & Dave Chapman on the Cloudbusting Podcast as they explore what it means to live, work, and solve business challenges as a cloud-native organization. Each week they invite thought-leaders, innovators and experts to the show to share their insights and experience.

Focusing on transformation, leadership, ways of working, and emerging technology they explore the significant impact that cloud is having on people and businesses.

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Race to the edge
113: The Race To The Edge is Here!

This week we are joined by Jo Peterson, VP of Cloud & Security at Clarify 360, and Maribel Lopez, Founder of Lopez…

healthcare modernization
112: Modernization in the Healthcare Sector

This week, the team is joined by Diana Kennedy, Group CTO at BUPA. They discuss the impact of digital technology on healthcare…

Big Opportunities in Big Data
111: Big Opportunities in Big Data

This week we are joined by Robin Sutara, Chief Data Officer at Microsoft UK. Over the past year, enterprises have been finding…

A Smarter Way to Modernize Your Applications
110: A Smarter Way to Modernize Your Applications

This week we are joined by Cloudreach’s Head of R&D, Chris Williams, to discuss what the future holds for application modernization in…

People Before Tech
109: People Before Tech With Duena Blomstrom

Duena Blomstrom returns to the show to speak about her new book: People Before Tech: The Importance of Psychological Safety and Teamwork in…

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