AWS Migration Assessment

Data-driven migration planning powered by Cloudamize

One of the most challenging parts of any cloud migration is knowing where to get started.

We ensure migrations are set up for success by providing a comprehensive and clear picture of your IT portfolio, including shining a light on Shadow IT.

Quickly create a custom business case and migration plan with a comprehensive TCO and scenario-planning tool that supports identifying license costs, interdependencies among applications, and recommended network configurations.

What You Get?

An extensive data collection assessment and customized recommendations readout including:

    • Total Cost of Ownership: Compare the cost of your applications in an on-premises or traditional hosting environment to AWS and estimate potential cost savings.
    • Comprehensive Application and Infrastructure Discovery: Automatically identify all on-premise applications, servers, virtual machines, OS types, CPU utilization, RAM capacity, and storage capacity. 
    • Application Dependency Mapping: Automated mapping of all application dependencies across your on-premises or cloud environments including Shadow IT.
    • Custom Reporting: Run "what if" scenarios to right-size cloud infrastructure based on your organization's performance needs.
    • Data-Driven Recommendations: Prioritization of which applications to move and when along with best-fit cloud configurations including compute and storage  instances, network settings, BYOL license optimization,  and pricing plans.

Assessment Timeline

    • Day 1: Tool provisioned for data collection 
    • Day 14: Early data preview and review
    • Day 30: Assessment results read-out

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