Face in the Cloud - Seth Hester, Cloud Sales Executive

In this face in the cloud we hear from Seth Hester, a Cloud Sales Executive based in our ATL office. Seth tells is a bit more about the role, how he finds success, and gives us some light shopping advice.

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Building Software-Embedded Cloud Services For A More Efficient, Scalable, And Profitable Cloud Business

Head of Channel Sales, Ben Tizer, explains how building software-embedded cloud services using Cloudamize can help SIs and MSPs deliver exceptional outcomes and an improved customer experience

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Optimizing the Cloud Lifecycle: The Platform Strategy that Powers True Transformation

"A software platform that enables an applications-centric view can position organizations for a more successful cloud journey in several ways, from reducing waste in engineering cycles to understanding overlooked areas of cost optimization."

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HPC and AWS - A Match Made In Heaven?

Cloud Architect, Jeremy Bartosiewicz observes the benefits of running High-Performance Computing workloads on AWS and the opportunities HPC can unlock for your business.

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Cloudreach Renewed As An Azure Expert MSP

Jeff DeVerter, Cloudreach CTO of Microsoft Technologies explains, what it means to be a part of the Azure Expert MSP Program.

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Security & Governance on AWS - Wisconsin Roadshow

Governance, Risk, and Compliance are often viewed as the bureaucracy getting in the way of innovation on the cloud.

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Top 8 Trends In Cloud Computing And How Companies Can Prepare For 2020

In this post, Nisha Lehmann casts her eyes over the current state of Cloud Computing and then identifies several emerging trends that leaders should be mindful of in 2020.

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A Face In The Cloud - Deepthi Bellani, Software Engineer

In this Face in the Cloud, we speak with Deepthi Bellani, Software Engineer at our Pune office in India.

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Capital One: Still Not a Cloudy Problem

An issue with accessibility caused headlines for Capital One

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First Steps with Azure Functions

What does serverless mean in Azure? Follow Giuseppe Battista’s first steps with Azure Functions and discover the shortest path from Code to Cloud.

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