Going Cloud-Native: Episode 2

How to leverage cloud-native for next level ROI
Helen Beal
Chief Ambassador, DevOps Institute
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Kirill Kotlyarenko
Senior Business Strategy Manager at Microsoft
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Jason Sutherland
Application Development Service Line Leader, Cloudreach
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Christos Kotsidimo
Senior Cloud Architect Lead - Cloudreach

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    Key topics covered in this webinar:
    How to adopt and implement cloud-native application and infrastructure strategies
    How to deliver fully containerized environments orchestrated by Kubernetes to improve security and ensure scalability
    Which suite of Azure and Cloudreach tools and services will help you elevate your IT organization, business process and people

    The benefits of cloud are numerous, expansive and much-lauded – and there’s no doubt that moving your applications to the cloud with a “lift-and-shift” strategy brings its benefits. But the true potential of the cloud – and maximum business value – lays in a cloud-native, cloud-first approach.

    In episode 1 of Cloudreach’s Going Cloud-Native, we addressed the state of the cloud-native nation and assessed why cloud-native is essential for driving businesses forward and creating truly customer-centric businesses.

    Now, it’s time to dig deeper into the ‘how’. Join us for episode 2 of Going Cloud-Native, where Cloudreach and Azure experts share must-know tips, tricks and best practices for leveraging cloud-native for next-level ROI and innovation.

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    How to leverage cloud-native for next level ROI