Going Cloud-Native: Episode 1

What does it mean to be Cloud-Native in 2020
Helen Beal
Chief Ambassador, DevOps Institute
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James Dunn
Cloud Adoption Service Line Leader, Cloudreach
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Jason Sutherland
Application Development Service Line Leader, Cloudreach

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    Key topics covered in this webinar:
    A cloud-native ‘state of the nation’: what the cloud-native landscape looks like in 2020
    What being truly cloud-native can bring to your business and your customers
    Why a cloud-native application development approach creates a strong DevOps teams

    With Digital Transformation projects well under way in most organizations, and propelled even further ahead by an unprecedented 2020, the technical landscape underpinning and driving businesses has never looked more promising – or complex.

    A key tenet of this landscape is cloud: elastic, scalable and agile and with the ability to help businesses fastrack innovation and outrun the competition.

    Join us for episode 1 of Going Cloud-Native, where cloud and Kubernetes experts from Cloudreach and Azure argue that a cloud-native approach is the key to business innovation and success.

    Webinar: Offsetting Uncertainty & Adapting for Change

    What does it mean to be Cloud-Native in 2020