Develop a Security Program Built on Zero Trust with GCP

In this webinar, Cloudreach Principal Cloud Security Consultant Jake Necessary, walks through the concepts of a comprehensive, focused, and action-based approach to information security by leveraging Google Cloud’s core principles of Security. Using compliance requirements as a driving financial force, organizations can develop a formalized Information Security Program operated by information security professionals and centered on Zero Trust.
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Jake Necessary
Principal Cloud Consultant

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    Key topics covered in this webinar:
    Building Trust Throughout Your Organization
    Why Should You Trust Google Cloud?
    BeyondCorp -- Google Cloud’s Zero Trust Implementation

    In the past 12 months, 46% of security breaches involved insiders or ‘trusted’ third parties. According to a 2020 Forrester State of Data Security and Privacy report, the insurgence of insider threats, credential challenges, and urgency for compliance is leading many organizations to invest in cybersecurity technologies. So how do you protect your systems, data, privacy, and livelihood?

    Webinar: Develop a Security Program Built on Zero Trust with GCP

    Jake Necessary Cloudreach Team
    Jake Necessary

    Principal Cloud Consultant

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