Not another promise please, the cloud is very complex!

We would like to invite you to the upcoming webinar in order to define where even to start when thinking about moving to the cloud.
Erol Zavidic, Principal Cloud Advisor, Cloudreach
Erol Zavidic
Principal Cloud Advisor, Cloudreach
Remco Hoppezak
Remco Hoppezak
Senior Account Manager at Cloudreach


    Key topics covered in this webinar:
    Align my IT to the Business requirements
    Other departments impacted by Cloud adoption
    Avoid impacts of premature cloud migration



    Your team needs more than a promise that the cloud is great. Of course, it provides unprecedented flexibility, agility, scalability and cost savings, but the journey to realizing the benefits of the cloud is challenging because the cloud is very complex.

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    Discover during this session keys to develop a compelling, business aligned cloud strategy, a comprehensive execution plan to move to the cloud and the foundations to help accelerate initial adoption.