Cloud First, Then Coffee: How to Plan and Run a Smart Cloud Migration

On-Demand Webinar
Cloud migration is inevitable if you need your business to be better prepared for the next new normal. However, conventional migration assessment and planning cycles can take years. This is not ideal because: there is pressure to keep the cost of cloud migrations low and do it right the first time you may have assessment fatigue. You want answers and not months of discovery and analysis paralysis you have a tight deadline to exit your data center so speed in both planning and execution is essential In this webinar, cloud migration experts will walk you through planning a smart migration project to avoid these pain points.

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    Why watch?
    Learn what a Smart Migration is, and how it's applied to condense the assessment period from months to weeks
    Learn how software-enabled automation simplifies, expedites, and reduces the cost of cloud migration
    Get 5 fundamental steps to take before launching a successful migration project on budget, and on time

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