Data Center Breakup:

How Herman Miller Migrated to AWS Within Budget and Ahead of Schedule
Leaving your data center and migrating to the cloud is no easy task. From hardware contracts and licensing agreements, to understanding new financial models and increasing cloud literacy for internal teams, there’s a mix of complex challenges to navigate.
Keith Van Eck
VP of IT and Shared Services at Herman Miller
Dan Shaver
Senior Account Manager, AWS
Max Kelman
Senior Cloud Engagement Manager, Cloudreach

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    Key topics covered in this webinar:
    The migration steps taken to execute Herman Miller’s journey to the cloud
    A deep dive on cloud economics and building the business case for migration
    The outcomes Herman Miller has realized following their successful migration

    In this webinar, Keith Van Eck, VP of IT and Shared Services at Herman Miller, is joined by speakers from Cloudreach and AWS to discuss the migration approach that enabled Herman Miller to migrate out of its data center into AWS, under budget and ahead of schedule. Learn how Herman Miller built the business case for migration, leveraging Cloudamize for a comprehensive application and infrastructure discovery assessment, and then implemented data-driven recommendations to execute a fast, secure, easy migration to AWS.

    Webinar: Offsetting Uncertainty & Adapting for Change

    Rich Pilling
    Rich Pilling

    Data Insights Leader & Resident Futurologist, Cloudreach

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    A successful cloud journey depends on a comprehensive, analytics-driven approach.