Offsetting Uncertainty & Adapting for Change

Building for Business Continuity in Times of Crisis

A Fireside Chat with AWS

With uncertainty comes an opportunity to learn, adapt and better prepare for an unpredictable future. Technology lies at the heart of that opportunity, enabling businesses to support flexible working practices and manage disrupted supply chains in times of need while protecting employees and customers. 

Dave Chapman, Cloudreach Head of Cloud Transformation, and Jonathan Allen, AWS Director, Enterprise Strategy, draw from personal experience and discuss how businesses react in times of crisis, and the role of cloud technology in enabling business continuity to offset uncertainty.  

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The most successful cloud transformations have two sides. The first is corrective: to reinterpret how technology supports your business in a new cloud context. The second is innovative: to establish technology as an enabler. Wherever you are on your cloud journey, our free virtual workshop will explore your objectives, discuss challenges, and provide you with an actionable roadmap for success.

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We are offering a free 2 and a half hour workshop with one of our strategists. In this session they will share knowledge, discuss your current challenges, and build a high level roadmap for accelerating cloud migration.

Our strategy team work directly with executive and senior leaders on IT initiatives and future direction, developing effective strategic programs for agile organizations, and technology driven transformation and innovation. 

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