Cloudreach Sceptre

An open-source tool for AWS infrastructure orchestration

Our Philosophy

At Cloudreach we have many years of experience building elegant, resilient and cost-effective platforms in AWS. As well as these three key qualities, we’ve always placed great importance on repeatability, i.e. being able to create cookie-cutter clones of environments and environment components, rebuilding as and when required.

CloudFormation is the provider-intrinsic facility for AWS infrastructure orchestration, and is key to achieving this goal of repeatability. Unfortunately, working directly with raw CloudFormation templates isn’t always a fantastic experience. Even with the recent introduction of support for templates written in YAML as well as the original JSON, template structure and formatting is unwieldy, and the supported logic is limited in power.

More problematic is the repetition of code across templates. This drives the requirement to generate templates programmatically, i.e. treating them not as source code but instead as build artifacts that are not intended for direct human consumption. As well as this, breaking an environment down into multiple component stacks is critical to limit the blast radius of any potential issues, and this can be tricky to do when managing multi-stack environment dependencies by hand.

Sceptre is a tool that we have created to address these challenges.

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Release Statement

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Cloudreach has developed Sceptre to address these issues. It automates away some of the more mundane, repetitive and error-prone aspects of working with CloudFormation, allowing developers to concentrate on building better environments.