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The Year of the Cloud Native Enterprise

2022 is the year that companies will leave behind the era of IT-led cloud adoption and move into business experimentation with the cloud.  

We see 6 major trends that will play a prominent role as businesses move through this evolved cloud journey towards large-scale, all encompassing transformation initiatives. 

Each trend stands on its own, but a natural connection across the set always becomes clear.

These forward-looking trends are supported by Cloudreach research in partnership with AWS and IDC, surveying 610 IT decision makers across North America and Europe. 

The 6 Trends Impacting the Cloud Native Enterprise in 2022

cloud trends

As organizations fully explore the possibilities presented by deeply exploring and embracing Cloud Native ways of working, their journey will be defined by these 6 trends:

  • leave behind the era of IT-led cloud adoption
  • fully embrace automation
  • march to the edge in infrastructure
  • raise their Digital Quotient (DQ)
  • decarbonize their tech
  • face the growing talent crisis in the cloud industry

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Cloud Trends 2022
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The Cloud Native Enterprise
The era of IT-driven adoption of cloud technologies is over. The era of large scale business transformation is here.
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Next Gen Migration, Modernization, Management
Use of AI/ML and historical data for time, cost and risk automation will allow breakthrough cloud innovation to happen faster and at scale.
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Living on the Edge
Scale machine learning models are embracing the power of edge which drives an important evolution in the application architecture of the cloud.
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Developing DQ
Your digital quotient is not just a measure of organizational maturity but of a leader’s ability to think and operate as a cloud native.
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The Talent Crisis
As the cloud has scaled, it has revealed a shortage of supply in cloud skills. This will be a major challenge for businesses in 2022.
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Decarbonize your Tech
Optimizing consumption is no longer just about managing your cloud spend but your carbon footprint too.

2022 IDC InfoBrief: How to be a Digital Leader in 2022

The 2022 cloud trends are supported by Cloudreach research in partnership with AWS and IDC, surveying 610 IT decision makers across North America and Europe. 

The data underscores the shift to business-led cloud adoption and the impact the cloud skills gap is having on businesses.

90% of IT leaders point to the cloud as essential for both survival and innovation, with 48% already engaged in business transformation through cloud adoption.

However, more than 70% of surveyed IT leaders saw the skills gap as an urgent concern, with more than half of respondents claiming it either slowed them down (46%) or posed an existential crisis to the company (9%).

The research also delves into cloud technology’s present and expanding role in supporting business growth and sustainability efforts.

Download the InfoBriefs:

North America InfoBrief | Europe InfoBrief

digital leader info brief
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The Cloud Trends Content Hub

In this episode, Dave and Jez are joined by Carla Arend, a lead analyst for IDC’s European cloud research to discuss some of the most interesting finds in our latest IDC research.

How do digital leaders feel about public cloud being essential for their organization and what is the reasoning for investing in digital transformation?

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The Cloudbusting team is joined by Jake Burns (AWS) Enterprise Strategist to discuss the The Cloud Native Enterprise.

Business experimentation joining up with larger scale IT transformation is good, but it’s not enough. To break through to new levels of performance, both need to come together with the right level of ambition and culture.

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Listen to Cloud Trend #2, “AI/Data Driven Migration & Modernisation” featuring Jonathan Allen (AWS), Director, Enterprise Strategy.

Use of AI/ML and historical data removes both time and cost from migration + modernization. Automation of these underlying basic tasks allows break through cloud innovation to happen faster and at scale.

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Sammy Cheung, Cloudreach Principal Technical Advisor joins the Cloudbusting team for Cloud Trend #3 “Living on the Edge.”

Scale ML models are using the power of Edge and Fog compute to drive new experience and functionality to areas the public cloud cannot easily reach.  In turn, they are driving an important evolution in the application architecture possibilities of the cloud.

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In this episode, hosts Dave and Jez discuss characteristics of modern leadership and digital maturity in “Developing DQ” with Enterprise Strategist and former CIO, Phil Le-Brun (AWS).

Are your leaders thinking with a digital mindset? Your Digital Quotient is not just a measure of organizational maturity but, critically, of each leader’s ability to think and operate cloud natively.

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The Cloud Trend #5 episode is “The Talent Crisis” and features Cloudreachers Tara Tapper, Chief People Officer and Holly Norman Head of AWS Marketing. Together they offer insight into an industry-wide challenge that includes a lack of investment on the supply side as well as diversity issues for the tech sector in general.

As the cloud scales, the need for talent at all levels has risen exponentially, demanding the next level of recruitment, education and services. A cornerstone responsibility of all of us is to unlock potential from all backgrounds and unleash the next generation of cloud super stars.

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This episode welcomes guests Keisha Garcia, VP Digital Foundations Programs (bp) & Thomas Blood (AWS) Digital Innovation Leader. Get insight on Sustainability and Decarbonisation, find out how tech allows us to measure impact and also proactively do something about it. “Decarbonize yr Tech.”

Optimizing consumption is no longer about simply managing your financial expenditure, but managing your wider impacts in real time. The call to action is clear and the services and tooling are now available to deliver granular control over carbon footprint. Net Zero is just the start.

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The 6 trends that impacted enterprise cloud transformation in 2021.

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This 2021 IDC InfoBrief, sponsored by AWS and Cloudreach, will look at how organizations are turning to large-scale cloud migration to respond and recover.

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