World’s Largest Quick Service Restaurant

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The Opportunity

As the world’s largest quick service restaurant, the company saw a unique opportunity to use the scale and agility of an AWS big data analytics solution. AWS granted the company the ability to integrate multiple data sources, increased sophistication of analytics, and feed an existing Cognos BI environment. In addition, the company gained a greater understanding of business value with big data, reduced operating expenses by moving to less expensive resources, and developed internal competencies.

The Solution

Cloudreach performed a full platform assessment to inform the reference architecture design based on best practices that are built to scale and grow as adoption increases. The deliverables included design documentation, proposed schema & table design, automation design using Data Pipeline, a Redshift data warehouse tuned with Workload Management configuration specs, and a workshop. Cloudreach leveraged several AWS services, including EMR, Redshift, Data Pipeline, CloudTrail, KMS, S3, and VPC. 

The Benefit

These deliverables allowed the company to incorporate new data sources, provided them an introduction to the power and value of EMR and Redshift, and delivered them a production ready prototype that can be extended to additional data sources.

About World’s Largest Quick Service Restaurant

The Vice President of IT at this company mandated a data warehouse and analytics solution in a cloud enabled environment. To do so, the company required the expertise of a cloud partner experienced in AWS big data analytics architecture and best practices. As a Big Data Competency partner and Premier Consulting Partner, Cloudreach was selected to complete the evaluation and implementation of a big data warehouse and analytics solution in AWS.