Online Travel Agency

Cloudreach helps online travel agency to build migration strategy to move to Google Cloud Platform.

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The Challenge

The customer was looking for a cloud-native Partner who could support and develop its capabilities in advance of adopting Google Cloud Platform.

As a first step, the customer wanted assistance to assess their current on-premise environment and a partner to build a migration strategy to Google Cloud Platform, including a TCO.

The Solution

Supporting our large enterprise customers in migrating to the public cloud has been a long standing competency of Cloudreach. For this engagement, we:

    • Helped educate the customer’s team on Google Cloud Platform, highlighting it’s many strengths and advantages.
    • Undertook an evaluation of the customer’s on-premise environment using Cloudamize, a best-in-breed tooling to assist with both the functionality for cost assessment and planning for a migration.
    • Cloudamize analyses dependencies and constraints to build the migration plan while limiting the potential impacts.
    • Provided a migration strategy and blueprint for how the customer can migrate to Google Cloud Platform, tailored to their bespoke requirements, as well as forecasting their spend in GCP. This included:
      • As part of this, we reviewed the customer’s current environment and defined the target architecture in GCP, as well as a migration strategy for each service.
      • We provided options to the customer to compare cost scenarios based on different architectures and billing options, including different instances or services, as well as considering Google’s functionalities for optimisation - including rightsizing and Committed and Sustained Use Discounting models. 
      • Assessed the migration complexity and risks as well as providing workload cost estimates for the project.

The Outcome

The customer now has a clear overview of the inventory within their estate which can be migrated to Google Cloud Platform. Through mapping dependencies and taking a holistic application-centric approach, this ensures minimal disruption to the customer’s infrastructure ahead of a migration. 

They now have a clear plan for a migration, as well as having a team who have been educated on both GCP and empowered with our deep expertise in cloud migrations, aware of the common pitfalls and challenges.

Alongside the initial plan for a Migration Factory, we helped the customer finalise the business case for a decision on their migration.


Online Travel Agency

The customer is an online travel agency, which specialises in offering their customers a single portal to access options for flights, travel and accommodation.