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“We’re no longer thinking about the technology behind our product. Since moving to the cloud, we don’t need to manage various layers of infrastructure, so our research and development team can focus more on developing new uses for GCP, such as machine learning. We have still a lot of work to do to prepare our Paris and UK data centers for moving to the cloud. With the help of Cloudreach, we’ll get there!”

Michael Cohen, CTO, Trace One


After new evolutions within the company, Trace One decided it was a top priority to improve the performance of its platform. Specifically, the company was experiencing difficulties with its U.S. server which was leading to problems for its global teams as well as expensive operational costs. An additional catalyst for this change to the cloud was the high cost associated with upgrading and expanding the company’s current U.S. datacenter, which storage had reached capacity.


Trace One needed a modification in infrastructure and deemed that Google Cloud Platform (GCP) was the cloud provider that suited them best. Trace One did not want a simple lift and shift, but instead wanted Cloudreach’s assistance with making modifications and setting in place a strong foundation. Switching to the public cloud also helped support Trace One’s compliance with crucial security standards such as ISO270001 & SOC 2.


For Trace One’s professional services environment, Cloudreach decided to go with GCP Compute Engine. By moving its U.S. data center to virtual CPUs on Compute Engine, Trace One has resolved many of the performance issues it was experiencing. It also enables its team to create environments on demand and in parallel, which wasn’t possible in the past due to cost and performance issues.


Trace One closed its U.S. data center and implemented Compute Engine to reduce hardware and operation costs and improve performance, providing a more reliable service to its customers.

• Cloudreach provided a flexible infrastructure-as-a-service with Compute Engine that can easily be expanded to meet peaks in demand, improving cost efficiency.
• The new infrastructure provides system reliability and availability by reducing system crashes and simplifying reboot processes, enabling better customer service.
• Supports better compliance with security quality standards thanks to integrated logging.
• Trace One is now saving 40% on monthly costs compared to their on-premise environment.

Read more about the project on the Google Cloud website.

About Trace One

Trace One powers one of the largest business networks for fast-moving consumer goods professionals, from 20,000 companies in over 100 countries. Its ambition is to become a one-stop shop for private label goods, enabling retailers and suppliers to grow their network globally, source or promote products, and stay on top of industry trends, all in one place.