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“Telegraph Media Group have been using various cloud technologies for a while, but we immediately felt the benefit of Cloudreach’s best practice and expertise. This helped us achieve our goals of delivering a right-first-time cloud platform that is flexible, automated and cost effective.”

Toby Wright, Chief Technology Officer

The Challenge

The Telegraph Media Group (TMG) wanted to use a hybrid cloud (elastic computing) to reduce the cost of running core services and create a platform that securely accelerates their time to market for digital products. Cloudreach worked closely with TMG to define the best practices to be followed and design, implement and lead the implementation of an Amazon Web Services solution.

Due to the changing nature of their IT requirements, and the availability of both established and emerging cloud technologies, the Telegraph Media Group (TMG) identified a desire to embrace these technologies with the aim of reducing the cost of running core services and to create a platform that securely accelerates their time to market for digital products.

The Solution

Cloudreach were engaged by TMG to complete a series of technical workshops and the completion of a best practices report. Following the completion of these workshops and report, and using the recommendations provided by Cloudreach’s technical experts, the Technology arm of TMG – completed a successful proof of concept on Amazon Web Services. This allowed them to present their business case to the wider TMG business proposing the transformation to cloud technologies.

On acceptance of this business case Cloudreach were engaged for the first phase of the project to lead, design and implement a 3 layered Amazon Web Services solution, and the migration of the first 3 services, to allow this vision to be realised:

  • Establish a platform and underlying agnostic framework that is cost-effective, with granular financial accountability and controls
  • Create an end-to-end development model capable of supporting true ‘continuous deployment’ giving them the means to deploy consistent production and pre-production environments, repeatedly and on-demand – by developers and operations staff alike
  • Provide a consistent, dynamic platform allowing scalable, on-demand, self-service provisioning of resources
  • Migration of 3 core production services

The Partnership

To ensure success, 10 deep-dive workshops were held at the initiation of the project to ensure all aspects of the framework were defined in detail prior to starting the build. A Cloudreach project manager was engaged to project manage full project delivery, and a hybrid of Cloudreach engineers and TMG resources was utilised to work as one technical team to deliver the project. This approach was adopted with great success and the feedback from the TMG technical team echoed that success when asked what stood out for them:

  • “The workshops were very useful – these helped us to explore and get up and running with AWS very quickly”
  • “The [good] working relationship between TMG and Cloudreach”
  • “The Daily Stand ups which helped keep the project on track and allowed TMG to build their side (while learning and gaining knowledge on the field) as well as being able to ‘black box’ chunks of work and hand them off to Cloudreach which allowed the knowledge and lessons learned on AWS to be kept within the TMG team”

The Outcome

Following the successful implementation of the project, the benefits realisation was immediate:

  • Provisioning a ‘stack’ previously took 3 weeks – now takes 15 minutes
  • On the main website,, the daily pattern of traffic is constantly monitored and the amount of compute resources are continually adjusted up and down
  • Provisioning a ‘stack’ previously took a team to deploy – now takes one button
  • Defining a service and stack previously did not require consistency and was not cookie cutter – now this is forced to adhere to best practice and be reusable
  • A semantic centralised logging system providing searching from one place
  • Storage for both virtual machines and more importantly content was becoming a physical constraint, as the SANs are generally/easily incrementally expandable

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