Source Support

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The Challenge

As an international leader in the delivery of IT services, Source Support saw a unique opportunity to build a data warehouse solution on AWS to hold a comprehensive pricing list from its vendors and offer best-in-class support to its growing customer base. AWS offered scalability and performance unmatched by other cloud-based data warehouse solutions. With a Redshift data warehouse solution, Source Support could serve customers faster with quick pricing and faster quote delivery.

Proposed Solution & Architecture

Cloudreach performed a full platform assessment to inform the reference architecture design based on AWS best practices that are built to scale and grow as AWS adoption increases. The assessment and planning deliverables included AWS environment diagrams, a data and schema review, load and automation design, a workload management configuration, and a full security review.

Outcomes of Project & Success Metrics

The newly built data warehouse solution built with Amazon Redshift allowed Source Support to host a repository of costs from Source Support’s current vendor list and provide best in class support for customers on the AWS Cloud. Cloudreach used the AWS TCO Cost Calculation to estimate the cost savings when using AWS and provide a detailed set of reports. We performed a simple mapping ETL in Redshift rather than include Spark in the solution.

About Source Support

Rick Cameron, VP of Technology at Source Support, required a data warehouse solution that provided performance, scale, and security. To do so, Rick required the expertise of a cloud and big data partner experienced with AWS big data architecture and best practices.