Shop Direct

  • AWS
  • Retail

The Challenge

Shop Direct depend on a secure, stable and high performance infrastructure to deliver their business to consumers via their online retail platform. Managing performance in detail and automating processes are critical to their success.

The Solution

Cloudreach provided Consulting, Managed Services and DevOps augmentation.

Managing the production websites to maximise service, performance and availability is critical to Shop Direct’s business model. Cloudreach embedded experienced AWS DevOps engineers within the the existing Shop Direct team to accelerate their activities and provide best practice knowledge.

The activity focused on dynamic auto-scaling of the platform to meet customer demand and automation best practices for the Dev/Test workflow using tools such as Chef, Bamboo and Vagrant.

About Shop Direct

The Shop Direct Group are the leading UK and Ireland multi-brand digital retailer, delivering 50 million products every year to 5 million active customers. With brands like,, and, their websites receive over 800,000 visits each day.