National US Retailer

Cloudreach & GCP help national US retailer eCommerce platform ensure 100% uptime during Black Friday event.

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The Challenge

Our customer is a heavy user of Google Cloud Platform, which they leverage to enhance their customer’s shopping experience. They engaged with Cloudreach in anticipation of their annual Black Friday event, to ensure peak capacity readiness to the demand that they receive. Historically, they have seen over $400,000 in orders placed every hour - so uptime is critical to their annual company performance. 

The Solution

Ahead of Black Friday, the customer engaged with Cloudreach to conduct testing audits. We reviewed the customer’s existing test plans, and produced a report identifying their gaps, risks and deficiencies in their process, with recommendations for enhancement and remediation. On the week leading up to Black Friday, we supported the customer with Architectural and Engineering Support to prepare their teams, including supporting simulations and testing.

The Outcome

In all capacity planning engagements, our goal is to ensure 100% uptime and availability of their eCommerce infrastructure and applications. Through our comprehensive testing and simulation planning exercises, the customer experienced no downtime or end-user impacts.

US Retailer

Our customer is a publicly-traded multi-goods retailer. They operate 2,000 stores across the United States, along with a significant online presence, and they employ over 3,500 people. The company often ranks as one of the largest retailers in the country, and has over $75 billion in annual revenues.