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“When my business demanded Public Cloud agility to create Digital products, I turned to Cloudreach to provide the expertise to make it possible.”

Chris Birch, IT Director

The Challenge

News UK wanted to take advantage of the AWS Cloud to improve the effectiveness of their IT, reduce costs and increase business agility.

The Solution

Cloudreach was brought in to assist with AWS Engineering expertise. Cloudreach provided senior engineering resources to help the existing teams with DevOps best practices, AWS expertise and access to all of Cloudreach’s pool of talent. Our engineers accelerated the AWS adoption across New UK as well as ensuring all infrastructure was built with the future in mind.

The Partnership

News UK needed a specialised partner to bring AWS and DevOps expertise to these projects. Cloudreach engineers have augmented the existing teams to provide consistency and best practices across the AWS estate.

The Outcome

News UK have successfully and systematically executed large scale migrations to the AWS Cloud.

“As part of our strategy for Cloud adoption across both Enterprise and Digital Product development, Cloudreach has been instrumental in augmenting our teams by providing DevOps expertise in key areas – Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment and Configuration Management.”

–Scott Potter, Head of Engineering, News UK

About News UK

News UK’s strength lies in the talent, experience and abilities of the people and the values that drive them. Passion, curiosity, bravery and optimism permeate the entire organisation. These qualities allow News UK to thrive in the climate of constant reinvention, interpretation, adaptation and improvement of a fast-moving, highly creative, multi-channel media business.