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Cloudreach helped New American Funding modernize their legacy application to the Azure public cloud.

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Late in 2018—faced with an aging infrastructure and new app to roll out—New American Funding decided it was time to update their legacy system and move to an isolated platform with continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD) in the cloud. They would then have the capability to scale in conjunction with increasing business demands.

“We are constantly dealing with product changes, third-party CRM integrations, and pricing fluctuations. You can imagine the technology challenges around that,” explains Jesse Weinstock, the Azure expert on the lending solutions team at New American Funding.

For New American Funding, Microsoft Azure was the easy choice between competing public clouds. Having recently migrated to Microsoft Office 365, Azure authentication made this a natural fit. “We’ve always been an on-premises Microsoft shop so we knew we wanted to be a Microsoft shop in the cloud,” says Weinstock. Previous experience with Azure gave Weinstock the confidence that Azure was easy to get up and running and constantly being updated and enhanced.

They knew they only wanted to partner with the best, so they sought out an Azure gold partner. Weinstock went on to realize he had worked with many of the employees at Cloudreach before, making them the ideal partner for New American Funding.   

“It was always easy to be very vague in what I was trying to get done yet still get what I needed out of it,” says Weinstock. “I did not know how to ask the right questions, yet they knew how to translate ‘I’m not really sure’ to ‘this is what you need.’”

Once procurement, contract, Ts and Cs were in place, Cloudreach stepped in and helped New American Funding transition from an Azure environment with a virtual machine and a database to hosting a CRM web app in the cloud—in just three weeks. 

“From the business’s standpoint it really came down to Azure’s redundancy and resiliency”

Jesse Weinstock, New American Funding Admin Manager


From start to finish, the New American Funding and Cloudreach Azure team development process went through a few iterations, getting more and more granular with each. “When we started we gave them a very broad idea of where we were and what our ultimate goal was,” says Weinstock. “We went through a few iterations with Cloudreach setting up Azure CI/CD and have built out more processes because we now understand the entire system.”

The teams collaborated remotely, and with each conversation Cloudreach got a better understanding of what parts of Azure needed to be built out—while New American Funding got a clearer view of where they were trying to end up.

“Sometimes it is a lot easier to learn from a concrete example than documentation and working with Cloudreach made it so much easier to jumpstart that process.”

Jesse Weinstock, New American Funding Admin Manager


According to Weinstock, “growth” was the biggest value provided by the Cloudreach and New American Funding partnership. They have been growing their Azure workload consistently and are constantly adding new API endpoints. Presently they are expanding their website functionality and looking into more advanced API management such as Kubernetes or Red Hat Openshift.

“Having our workloads in Azure and getting us to where we are now is a huge step towards getting us where we need to be.”

Jesse Weinstock, New American Funding Admin Manager

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