Luxury Motor Vehicle Distribution Company

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The Opportunity

As the leader in luxury motor vehicle distribution and customer service the company saw a need to migrate their core website application to AWS, allowing them to increase agility during peak traffic periods and enable PCI compliance for the application. The website’s application included six physical servers, three web and three application servers, with a storage footprint of 25TB that was migrated to AWS. With unique PCI compliance requirements in its customer-facing application, the company is now able to fully leverage AWS to offer additional capabilities and services to its customers.

The Solution

The Cloudreach team performed a full platform assessment to inform the reference architecture design for the company based on AWS best practices. The team then built and implemented the AWS foundation including VPC setup, configuring VLANs, elastic load balancing setup and configuration, security group configuration, and configuring logging and auditing. The team completed the build of a data tier including database (DB) servers (RDS or EC2) and AMIs for the DB servers. The Cloudreach team also provided an application and web tier, including web servers (EC2) and AMIs. With the goal of moving the customer-facing application over to AWS, a comprehensive migration plan was created to include a high-level AWS architecture design, migration timeline, detailed application architecture, a series of AWS planning workshops, the migration of instances for each application, templates for reference architectures and the complete migration of data to AWS.

About Luxury Motor Vehicle Distribution Company

The IT Specialist at the company required a migration of the company’s website application which allows customers to choose their body style and configure vehicle options online. The company required the expertise of an experienced cloud partner in AWS architecture and best practices. As a Premier AWS Consulting Partner, Cloudreach was selected to complete the design and implementation of the AWS cloud environment built on PCI compliance, best practices and built to scale and grow as adoption increases.