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The Challenge

The customer was relatively new to the Azure cloud platform, although it already had a competent engineering team familiar with other hosting services.  

Since Azure is a large and powerful platform, with many services and solutions available, the customer was seeking guidance as to which was the best path to take, the right architecture to employ and the best practices to adhere to. It needed to know how to get the most out of and leverage Azure products and services without incurring the time and cost overheads of starting from scratch.  

In addition, the customer had their own automation solution, developed in-house, which needed to be re-architected to accommodate and take advantage of Azure native components. The delivery of all this work had to be completed according to tight client deadlines.

The customer was looking for a solution that offered both operational and cost efficiencies as well as, most importantly, a platform that allowed it to add new functionality and features to improve the experience for the online readership and allow them to consume their content in a variety of formats, devices, and locations.

The Solution

Cloudreach was chosen by the customer as partner because of our previous working relationship and good cultural fit, coupled with our experience in Azure and our certified Azure engineers.

After consideration of a number of paths, Azure Resource Manager and Azure  App Service were selected as best infrastructure automation and application hosting platform to fit the business objectives.

Cloudreach provided regular consultative sessions with the customer to ensure best practices and recommendations were aligned with its needs. The team advised where time and effort could be saved during the development phase because of our deep knowledge of the roadmap for new Azure features.

We built specific tooling to help with orchestrating the Azure infrastructure components (including Virtual Machines and Database Servers). Tools used included Jenkins, Azure-CLI and ARM templates.

The expertise and hard work of our team allowed us to shave 15% off the project’s duration which was beneficial for meeting the client deadlines. The team also developed a foundational strategy for future Azure-based implementations, providing the customer with applied best practices and governance principles.

The Partnership

Cloudreach provided expert resources to drive the completion of the planning, build and migration tasks, under the guidance of predetermined milestones and project guard rails.  Close collaboration between the teams allowed the customer’s technology team to be empowered with knowledge of the new platform.

The Outcome

The automated infrastructure sped up the process of building the environment, allowing for a technically well-built and cost-effective solution to be deployed within weeks and ahead of schedule.

The application experiences fluctuations in daily traffic patterns and is constantly adjusting capacity up and down to meet demand.  The time to provision new digital environments to test and deploy new features has been automated and shortened significantly.  Environments are also consistent and adhere to best practice and security.

About Large Diversified Media Company

Our customer is one of the largest diversified communications companies in the world, owning a wide variety of newspapers, magazines, television channels and television stations.

The customer won a strategic contract to design, publish and host the digital magazine for a leading retailer.  They needed a cost-effective, scalable and fast web application environment to make this possible. Azure was chosen as the technology platform of choice because it brings with it a number of organizational, technical and financial benefits including:

    • Flexible hosting environment
    • Reliability and security
    • High availability and scalability
    • Global presence
    • Low Total Cost of Ownership