Cloudreach helps Key2Act relieve IT and operational burden with 24x7 Managed Services.

  • AWS
  • Construction & Maintenance

The Challenge

Key2Act wanted to spend less time and resources managing their AWS environment so they could spend more time developing their service management platforms for their customers. As an organization, they recognized the benefits of the public cloud and wanted to take full advantage of the innovation and impact that AWS could deliver for their business, but needed to internally relieve resources from the often burdensome reality of infrastructure management.

“The reason we selected AWS over Azure or Google had a lot to do with our familiarity with AWS over Azure and Google. The number of AWS services that are available made it an easy choice knowing that whatever path we head down, AWS would likely have a solution available to get us there. Also, AWS consistently adds new services and functionality while also reducing costs.”

Dante Gabrielli - CTO, Key2Act

The Solution

Cloudreach provides Key2Act with ongoing Cloud Core Managed Services - a 24/7 operational support service to monitor the accessibility and availability of their environment, and ensure and maintain the health of Key2Act’s AWS infrastructure. Cloudreach leverages Bitdefender and Alert Logic for added security and threat management tooling on the environment.  

Alert Logic continuously monitors traffic and alerts Cloudreach to suspicious, unexpected activity. Bitdefender is an anti-virus agent installed on each instance, which keeps each VM protected from the threat of viruses or spyware. 

Each of these solutions provides the customer with added security, reliability, and an enhanced ability to find continuous improvement opportunities within their environment. Our security and operations team has utilized each of these tools to give the customer actionable recommendations on how to improve different aspects of their AWS infrastructure. 

The Outcome

As a result of engaging Cloudreach for ongoing operational support and managed services, Key2Act received a comprehensive monitoring solution for their AWS infrastructure, reducing operational burden for the customer and ultimately allowing them to shift their focus from infrastructure management to developing, improving, and optimizing the quality of their software solution.

Cloudreach engineers react to and resolve any issues detected by our monitoring solutions and provide around-the-clock operational services including backups, patching for latest security protections, and fielding alarm notifications from system, network, and security monitoring tools. 

Cloudreach worked alongside Key2Act to establish criteria around incident priorities and when alarms should be triggered. Over the course of the first half of 2019, the solution detected over 55 incidents that Cloudreach was able to resolve quickly and efficiently. A few examples of environment or instance changes that triggered alarm notifications include:

    • High Memory and CPU Utilization
    • Low Disk Space
    • Instances Out of Service
    • Services Stopped on the Instance
    • Security Concerns
    • High Error rates on endpoints

Depending on the priority of the case, which is determined by the nature of the alert, a Service Level Agreement for resolution time has been put in place. Cloudreach has met the SLA for incident response time in 100% of priority one, two and three cases, and in 97% of priority four cases. 

And we can see each of the cases displayed according to their priority in the graph below:

The average resolution times for all cases, based on priority, were as follows:






Resolution Time





About Key2Act

Key2Act provides building intelligence, field service and construction management software solutions. The company aims to empower specialty trades businesses to increase profitability, optimize operational efficiencies and drive higher customer retention.