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“Cloudreach seemed best-placed to support us across the many areas where we needed help. It worked with us to get everyone on board, and is now driving a phased implementation to the cloud. Project management has been excellent and we have a very strong working relationship. We are looking at a long-term role for Cloudreach.”

Jeremy Ward, Senior Vice President for IT

The Challenge

Kempinski’s extensive reach had resulted in a complex IT infrastructure, with 140 servers located and managed from its Geneva headquarters. Highly-skilled IT professionals were finding themselves tied up with simple administrative tasks and the system was difficult to scale and adapt in response to business growth.

The Solution

For Kempinski, the cloud offered a chance to streamline operations, save costs, maximise staff productivity and deliver the high quality service upon which it had built its brand reputation.

First of all, Kempinski felt its senior management team needed convincing. Cloudreach helped the IT team build a convincing business case and cost model that demonstrated a return on investment in just over two years.

The board found this extremely compelling. Cloudreach then adapted AWS with tailored innovations to meet the specific needs of the geographically diverse Kempinski group, and is currently working with Kempinski to migrate systems and applications over to the new platform.

The Partnership

Kempinski needed to work with an effective partner who could help support them through a large scale migration. Kempinski selected Cloudreach for this major project based on recommendations and Cloudreach’s agile, phased approach to implementation.

The Outcome

Kempinski expects to see a 40 per cent saving over the whole five year cloud migration and implementation plan, compared to the costs of a comparable solution using a traditional IT model.

About Kempinski Hotels

Kempinski Hotels, Europe’s oldest luxury hotel management group, has a portfolio of 70 five-star hotels across more than 30 countries, and is adding more as it expands across Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia.