Grace Hill

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The Challenge

Robert Getys, Chief Technology Officer at Grace Hill, needed an Amazon Web Services partner to help them build a platform for the re-architecture of its key customer facing platform. Grace Hill also needed assistance in building the foundation (VPC, SG, IAM, etc.) in AWS for migrating all of its IT assets from Rackspace. As the Company grew, its collocated physical hardware was difficult to manage remotely. In addition, the infrastructure was not scalable, making it difficult to plan for rapid expansion. Grace Hill required an automated development environment for the re-architecture of its mission-critical applications. This included the need for re-training their developers on programming with Ruby on Rails.

The Solution

Within seven days of contacting Cloudreach, most architecture needs and deployment strategies were mapped out. Cloudreach architected and built the foundational AWS services along with an Elastic Beanstalk solution built with CloudFormation and Ansible to support their development efforts. Cloudreach developed a week-long custom training for their entire development team for developing with Ruby on Rails and AWS. Cloudreach provides ongoing managed AWS services to GraceHill that include intrusion detection, threat vulnerability scanning, backup, and 24 x 7 support.

The Benefit

Cloudreach accelerated Grace Hill’s adoption of AWS with a solution that aligned to their development team and CTO’s goals for transforming their organization. Grace Hill worked with Cloudreach to migrate their remaining assets from Rackspace to AWS. Getys stated, “Having a strong AWS partner was a key to our success.”

About Grace Hill

Grace Hill provides education and networking opportunities for members of the multifamily industry. The organization’s membership roll has grown to include over 440,000 members worldwide which consists of multifamily associates, representing every job description and every state in the United State