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The Challenge

The customer needed to migrate its digital estate to the cloud with a goal of migrating 120 Windows servers within a strict 10-week deadline before the existing data centre was scheduled to be decommissioned.

The customer wanted a collaborative partner to support with guidance in adopting processes, best practices, and methodology. Cloudreach provided insight into the typical challenges found when companies first embrace cloud methodology and provided support in developing a strategy to overcome these challenges.

The Solution

AWS was chosen due to its support of the workload requirements. The Cloudreach team delivered a full migration of the overall IT landscape. This was completed with zero impact on the business in terms of disruption and downtime and ensures cost optimisation for the customer’s infrastructure going forward.

Security was a priority in this project, with account and access management a key focus. As such, the Cloudreach team successfully delivered a Landing Zone with a Multi Account Strategy that ensured a secure, hierarchical account architecture in line with best practices.  

AWS IAM ensured a password policy was defined in line with organisational best practices. Security groups, network access control lists (ACLs) and flow logs were utilised to capture information about the IP traffic going to and from network interfaces in the VPC.

AWS CloudTrail was implemented to maximize effectiveness for auditing purposes working in sync with AWS Config to record configuration changes, for traceability purposes.

The team also delivered secure and reliable, full mesh connectivity across UK offices and AWS Cloud.

The Cloudreach team developed an automated migration pipeline to move any virtual machine from on-premise to the cloud. This enabled the customer to start the migration with one click and view progress using Microsoft Team.

The team also ensured a secure and repeatable infrastructure using Infrastructure as a code (IaC) via AWS CloudFormation across multiple accounts, thanks to Sceptre.

Performance optimization was achieved by migrating MSSQL on windows to AWS RDS with Active Directory authentication using AWS Directory services.

The Partnership

After completing the migration two weeks ahead of schedule, the Cloudreach team delivered a completely serverless backup solution, on AWS Lambda and managed using AWS Step Functions and AWS SNS for alarming. They also used AWS CloudWatch and VPC Flow Logs to deliver a consolidated view of all Windows/Linux Logs to allow for advanced security and compliance reviews.

Additionally, they implemented automatic power on/off to help the customer save further costs.

The Outcome

Through working with Cloudreach, the customer successfully decommissioned its data centre and offloaded the costs associated with maintaining on-premise hardware.

The infrastructure developed on AWS now provides the company with access to the many benefits of cloud computing. It can optimise costs, ensure reliability and speed up development processes.

This provides an environment that allows the customer to innovate quickly and continue to provide dependable services for its customers.

About Global Supplier of Business Comms Solutions

Cloudreach worked with a global supplier of business communication solutions that aims to optimise the sending and receiving of mail, parcels, and emails.

Whilst its headquarters are based in France, the company’s UK offices feature an expert team and a showroom to ensure it is able to support the region on a full range of equipment and software.