Multinational Consulting Business

Cloudreach develops a strong, secure. and well-governed cloud environment for a leading multinational tax advisory and consulting business to continue their Google Cloud adoption.

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The Challenge

Our customer was looking to adopt Google Cloud Platform (GCP) for their internal IT Team. Ahead of their deployment, they wanted to ensure their environment was configured in a secure, well-governed manner, meeting best practice recommendations for access, security and networking needs.

The Solution

The Cloudreach Team delivered a series of workshops with the customer to understand their requirements and share key concepts and best practices for operating in GCP. 


We setup their foundational elements for IAM, project, VPC/network structure, tailored to the customer’s requirements. 


As part of this engagement, we identified a series of applications from their inventory appropriate to be the first movers to the Google Cloud environment. We assisted the customer in developing a plan for migrating this application to GCP.

The Outcome

The customer now has a strong, well-governed environment from which they can continue to adopt Google Cloud, addressing requirements around access, resource management and networking requirements. To further empower the customer team, the engagement included design and architectural requirements of their production environments to assist in the migration to GCP. 

Leading Multinational Tax Advisory and Consulting Business

The customer is a leading multinational tax advisory and consulting business. Their objective is to uncover insights and curate smart solutions for their customers in an increasingly complex global world and navigate changing regulatory environments.