Cloudreach helps SentriLock migrate and modernize its infrastructure using Google Cloud solutions.


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The Challenge

SentriLock approached Cloudreach ahead of a cloud migration. They required our assistance ensuring their Google Cloud environment met industry best practices for access, security and networking requirements.

The Solution

When Cloudreach was first founded, our customers began asking us how they could fully leverage the full potential of cloud computing. Helping our customers with cloud migrations therefore became one of our core competencies. We distilled this cross-industry experience and expertise to build intellectual property around Cloud Landing Zones, to quickly and efficiently deploy resources to Google Cloud, and ensure the governance meets and exceeds best practice - but also industry specific requirements, such as specific regulatory needs. 

After conducting a series of workshops to understand the customer’s specific design requirements, we were able to deliver a series of templates that deploy “Infrastructure as Code” materials to quickly enable them to leverage Google Cloud Platform. 

These templates included: the deployment of GCP Projects; VPC Configuration; Subnets; route tables; froles; a VPN; and VPN Peering. Once established, we conducted a series of cloud education workshops to train the customer’s team on governance, networking and managed services in the cloud. 

The Outcome

Through this engagement, we were able to quickly enable the customer to leverage Google Cloud in a secure and enterprise-ready format. Our associated educational workshops were designed to enable their teams to be self-sufficient and accelerate their time-to-value from cloud adoption. 


SentriLock is a leader in the secure access management space that provides mobile applications and manufactures their own electronic lockboxes. They are committed to developing products that provide stability, durability and versatility, intersecting the hardware with technology to enhance the experience of their end-users in the real estate, healthcare and property management markets.