Global Advertising Company

Cloudreach and GCP team up to help a global advertising brand optimize both the security and performance of a key application.

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The Challenge

Cloudreach updates a global advertising company's current environment running on GCP. They engaged with Cloudreach with the goal of bringing their GKE and Kafka Clusters up to the current version and providing advice and guidance to empower their team’s success.

The Solution

The Cloudreach team engaged in a three-phase approach to:

  1. Evaluate the customer's current Kubernetes configuration, with a focus on understanding the key components and configuration;
  2. Create and configure new Clusters, leveraging GKE and Kafka, with an associated new Kubernetes Dashboard;
  3. Assist the customer in deploying their application on the new GKE and Kafka Clusters, before conducting end-to-end testing to ensure the setup is identical to their current configuration. 

Once complete, we supported the customer in facilitating a knowledge transfer to empower them to be successful with the new configuration.

The Outcome

Through leveraging Cloudreach, the customer was able to optimize both the security and performance of their application with zero downtime.

Global Advertising Company

Our Swiss-based customer is one of the world’s leading outdoor media advertising companies. Their focus is on enabling advertising in public places - from bus stops to billboards - and they are responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of both analog and digital advertising spaces. They employ over 500 people globally and have a commitment to quality and reliability.