Leading International Commercial Bank

Cloudreach enables and empowers a leading international commercial bank's teams with foundational knowledge, as well as an actionable plan, to migrate production applications to Google Cloud.


  • Google
  • Financial Services

The Challenge

Our customer was looking for assistance in deploying and testing their production systems on GCP. As part of this engagement, they also asked for our assistance in helping to educate and train their teams on GCP, fostering a culture of learning and empowering them to be successful in managing their environment moving forward.

The Solution

As part of a four week engagement, we:

  • Liaised with key stakeholders to define their goals and expectations from the program, providing a high-level overview of the activities to be conducted. 
  • Conducted a detailed Architectural review, advising on recommendations against best practices for deployment in GCP;
  • Delivered a series of educational workshops, tailored to the customers applications, to explain how they could be built on GCP to aid their own learning;
  • Provided subject matter expertise to support the customer in their training and upskilling. 

The Outcome

This engagement was designed to be the first of many with the customer to support them on their journey of cloud transformation with Google Cloud. As a result of the engagement, we helped enable and empower their teams with foundational knowledge, as well as providing an actionable plan for how they can begin to migrate production applications into GCP.  In the engagement that followed, we provided hands-on support to the customer to deploy some of these applications that we identified on GCP leveraging GKE. 

Leading International Commercial Bank

Our customer is a leading international commercial bank with a presence in over 50 countries across the world. In particular, they have a large presence in Germany and are renowned as a leader in their home country. The company employs over 50,000 individuals and serves over 15 million customers. Most recently they have launched innovative online-only banks to cater to emerging needs amongst their customers.