Nationwide US Food Retailer

Cloudreach and Google Cloud help a nationwide US food retailer implement a cloud landing zone.

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The Challenge

The customer engaged with Cloudreach to help implement a Cloud Landing Zone for GKE centric applications. 

A critical part of the customer’s technology transformation to the public cloud was ensuring that industry best practices are being followed in relation to enterprise architecture, that user roles and service accounts are granted the minimum access needed to perform the required work function, and that repeatable patterns are automated into Infrastructure Services as Code.

The Solution

Taking an applied-use approach, we work directly with individual application teams to understand how the respective GCP services were going to be consumed as part of the migration.  Following industry best practices, these initial consumption use cases will establish the foundation for how the GCP service is vetted for GA consumption.

As part of this engagement, we:

    • Reviewed and approved previous cloud architecture documents.
    • Assisted with security posture and structure of user roles and service accounts to enable developers to consume Terraform templates  .
    • Assist with development of Terraform Scripts for IAM roles and groups.  These Terraform templates will likely be largely static, but as part of the ongoing security posture the Architect will advise a process for modifying the IAM policies for developer groups as needed. 
    • Documented recommended process/policies and provide a roadmap to establish the “Container Bakery” process for establishing container images that draw upon the GCP approved gold images with added customer specific requirements that are built in prior to packing the code, and inspecting for vulnerabilities.

The Outcome

The customer now has a secure environment that satisfies best-practice as well as their bespoke requirements. They are now advancing with an accelerated migration to Google Cloud Platform, leveraging Cloudreach’s expertise and assistance, as well as engaging with our teams for a broader data engagement to further leverage the innovations achievable using Google’s best in breed features for AI and Machine Learning. 

Nationwide US Food Retailer

The customer is a leading food retailer across the United States, who serves over nine million customers daily. Their goal is to provide a seamless digital shopping experience as well as support their 2,800+ stores.