Investment Banking

Cloudreach and Google Cloud help a customer from the world of investment banking embrace a cloud-first strategy.

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The Challenge

The customer engaged with Cloudreach as part of their initial foray into cloud adoption. Unfortunately, with a transformation of this nature there is an increased level of uncertainty about what, when, and how to adopt these newer technologies while increasing agility and reducing spend.

They were looking to utilise GCP for a net-new deployment of an application into the public cloud. They had a requirement to release on demand an operational model that utilised automation, with minimal to zero human intervention from code commits to productions in their deployment process. 

The Solution

To kick off the engagement, Cloudreach educated the customer’s team on best practices for implementation within the GCP and transition existing efforts to focus on horizontal, elastic scaling architectures driven by Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) automation to reduce operational fault, knowledge churn, and security/compliance risk.

The Outcome

The Cloudreach team built for the customer their initial landing zone within GCP, giving the customer confidence that their cloud environment meets industry best practices for, amongst other things, security, governance, networking and access. The build of the net-new cloud application dramatically increased confidence in deployment scenarios, allowing for faster delivery of new features and functions to production with less downtime, intentional or accidental. The business stakeholders could move forward with minimal risk and high confidence in GCP, helping them embrace their cloud-first strategy.

Investment Banking

The customer is the investment banking arm of a larger multinational financial services enterprise. The customers focus is on helping global financial institutions manage financial risk and achieve their financial goals. They provide a number of services and trading solutions that encompass financing and risk management, as well as global market access.

They are at the beginning of a holistic digital transformation to adopt modern techniques and technologies to better support their customers.