Cloudreach helped Dufry reduce their AWS bill by 66% with cost visibility and optimization. 

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The Challenge

Dufry has been rapidly growing in recent years, acquiring several companies along the way. This has involved merging several IT environments, making it a challenge for the company to maintain visibility of its cost, especially for cloud resources.

The customer wanted  to work with a partner to set up a cost/profit calculation process for the cloud to structure the existing cloud resources, provide meaningful reports to the higher management and present cost optimization recommendations on a regular basis

The Solution

The customer was initially onboarded to Cloudreach’s Infrastructure Reliability offering (managed services)  - with Cost Reliability (formerly Cost Control) included. Cloudreach used its expertise around different billing and pricing models offered by cloud service providers, and a reliable toolset and a team of financial experts to manage Dufry’s cloud environment based on best practices and meet their cost management objectives.

Together with Dufry, Cloudreach defined tagging policies to structure their AWS environment and identify unused and unnecessary cloud resources e.g. virtual machines, storage etc. Based on those policies, Cloudreach delivers a monthly cost report with executive summaries as well as detailed information about current cloud spend and deviations from the previous month. The report also includes a separate section with cost optimization recommendations for Dufry’s AWS infrastructure. 

By implementing the tagging policy we were able to diagnose cost fluctuations quickly and efficiently. In one instance, while preparing our monthly Cost Reliability report for the customer, we noticed a disproportionate expenditure on Lambda services.

AWS Lambda lets you run code without provisioning or managing servers. You pay only for the compute time you consume - there is no charge when your code is not running. Usually, Dufry’s spend on the Lambda services are marginal (lower than $50), but in May we noticed a spend of $5,612.

After informing Dufry, an intense investigation as to where these costs could have come from began. We discovered that a misconfigured function and/or incorrect settings estimates were the culprit, and we quickly rectified the issue. Cloudreach also set an alert for AWS Lambda  - notifying our team as soon as AWS Lambda costs breach $100 - to help protect the customer from any further issues.

The Outcome

With Cloudreach’s Cost Reliability managed service offering, Dufry now has clear visibility of its AWS cloud spend and deeper understanding of how individual AWS resources impact their bill. For example, Dufry’s AWS EBS costs rose from $5k to $10.2k in a three month period from January - March 2019. Cloudreach Cost Reliability was able to identify this, advise on best practices for storage on AWS, and ultimately reduce costs by 66% to $3.5K in May and kept this number consistent in June. 

Cloudreach continues to work with Dufry to make sure their AWS infrastructure is optimized for cost, security, reliability, availability, and scale. 

About Dufry

Dufry is a Swiss-based global travel retailer founded in 1865.  With over 2000 duty-free and duty-paid stores in airports, railway stations, and other travel hubs, Dufry operates in over 60 countries around the globe and employs more than 30,000 people.