Corporate Payroll Services

  • AWS
  • Professional Services

The Opportunity

Cloudreach configured the AWS account, S3 buckets, and lambda automation in a two-week professional services engagement. CPS understood the need to backup their files off-site; however, they lacked experience designing cloud backup solutions.

The Solution

Cloudreach leveraged AWS S3 for object storage to ensure CPS could easily access and durability. Using custom Amazon Machine Images, Cloudreach helped to restore data from CloudBerry to enable movement and help with disaster recovery. Lambda functions were used to automate the data restoration from CloudBerry backups. Cloudreach used Lambda functions for CPS to automate instance expiration after 24-hour period.

Services Leveraged in this Implementation:

  • Amazon S3
  • AMI
  • EC2
  • Amazon Lambda

Skills Leveraged in this Implementation:

  • Backup expertise
  • AWS expertise
  • Vast knowledge of AWS marketplace solutions and partner technologies

About Corporate Payroll Services

Corporate Payroll Service (CPS) supports an on-premises data center at their headquarters today. In an effort to improve preparedness in the event of a local disaster, CPS decided to backup their on-premises data to AWS. Cloudreach designed a solution where on-premise data would be backed up to Cloudberry (Based on AWS S3). Cloudreach designed Lambda functions in AWS to test the validity of the backup data and to automate the recovery of VM images and data stored in Cloudberry. Now, CPS can rest easy. Their data is usable, and they can rapidly recover data in the event of a disaster.