Manufacturing & Chemicals Company

Cloudreach helps chemicals company accelerate innovation on GCP.

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The Challenge

Following a thorough selection process, Cloudreach was selected as the customer’s preferred supplier for their cloud adoption efforts, encompassing both our professional and managed services. 

As part of this engagement, the customer articulated a need to be both hybrid and multi-cloud, which needed to be taken into account for all design considerations. 

The Solution

The engagement with this customer had many phases:

  1. First, we began by conducting a review and assessment of the customer’s environments already on GCP, to explore their current usage and identify gaps against best practice from a governance perspective;
  2. Second, we designed and implemented a new GCP Landing Zone to ensure a strong and robust governance;
  3. We designed and implemented a single, unified CI/CD pipeline for their mobile applications that can run in a Docker container orchestrated by Kubernetes. 

Finally, we helped the customer migrate their Dataiku platform on GCP. 

The Outcome

In order to fully maximise the benefits of the cloud, our customer recognized that there was a need for an experienced and competent partner in the form of Cloudreach. Our partnership has enabled them to:

  • Accelerate time-to-value of cloud - We helped set up the foundation and capabilities in place to scale the adoption and time-to-value of cloud, as well as providing a way to modernize their applications on GCP without compromising on their service reliability. 
  • Become a more agile organization - We helped improve their cloud fluency and understanding of how the cloud enables business agility and innovation. 
  • Fostered sustainable & continuous learning - Through our collaborative approach, we helped the customer understand how to take advantage of the cloud in individual and joint activities. 

Moving forward, the customer has peace of mind that their Google Cloud environment is well-governed and secure, and they can accelerate their pace of innovation using the full depth and breadth of tools that the public cloud has to offer.

Manufacturing & Chemicals Company

With their headquarters in Europe, our customer is a large, multinational science and chemicals company that employs over 20,000 employees in over 60 countries around the world. They focus on solutions that contribute to cleaner and more sustainable products - from household and consumer goods, to planes and cars.