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"With the help of Cloudreach we have successfully deployed high-demand business applications in a very short period of time, in the rich and complex AWS ecosystem, while meeting our project objectives: data security, service continuity and continuous deployment."

Sébastien Errien, Product Owner Platforms

The Challenge

CBP wanted support industrializing their architecture, processes and tools in order to build the right foundations to launch its first critical business applications. Another key objective was to automate their software plant, and they needed expertise on how to integrate AWS services with their deployment pipeline.

As part of their outsourcing project, they initially wanted to deploy a key application on AWS. The application includes an electronic tool for creating contracts for insurers as well as interfacing with various applications hosted at CBP (marketing tool) and various external services (electronic signature, sms sending, log analysis, etc.).

The Solution

The main objectives of Cloudreach were:

  • Provide the definition of a network architecture and a security model adapted to the CBP environment.
  • Assist in the development of automated and industrial deployment of the application and its environment (from their Jenkins-based software factory).

Other deliverables include recommendations for application protection (WAF), VPN configuration, API Managers, and SSL certificates.

Regular workshops with Cloudreach consultants and development teams throughout the project identified a delivery pipeline that minimized the symptomatic delay of traditional development cycles.

The combination of DevOps culture and a list of field-proven tools enabled Cloudreach to deliver a distribution pipeline tailored to the needs of developers. One of the main objectives was to integrate all the tools together using a delivery-oriented logic.

AWS CloudFormation allowed Cloudreach to create a substantial infrastructure environment for on-the-fly testing that can be removed immediately after the cost control test.

Jenkins CI is a widely used tool for continuous integration, which provided the logical transition between all “jobs” of the pipeline. Thanks to the public cloud, the infrastructure has been tested to scale using tools such as BlazeMeter. These tools are able to interact with the AWS CLI using the Boto library. The blend of all these tools and processes provides an efficient delivery pipeline with all the business benefits required.

The Partnership

Different systems integrators had been considered for this project, but Cloudreach have distinguished ourselves with our solid experience with similar projects.

Cloudreach provided a stream-based approach and our team provided and documented all defined deliverables, including some specific scripts to help CBP control their AWS environment.

During the engagement, Cloudreach also helped CBP develop strategy on various topics related to AWS, including CloudFormation, encryption on AWS and High Availability architecture.

The Outcome

The CBP team is now much more autonomous with AWS.

About CBP Group

CBP, a subsidiary of Groupe Financière CEP, is one of the leading French brokerage firms specializing in the insurance of borrowers and individual pension plans. CBP operates in Continental Europe through its presence in France but also in Germany, Italy, Spain, Poland and Portugal. A Leader in France with nearly a quarter of the market in “group contracts” and the production of individual contracts, the turnover for 2015 was 126.4M €. The company has more than 700 employees.

CBP is mandated by its partners to manage loan and personal insurance contracts. Partners and insurers are at the heart of the organization. Via the platforms and the dedicated webspace, CBP accompanies them daily on their journey: from the subscription to the declaration of a claim. Their tools are specially designed to facilitate every contract, simplify access to information and optimize processing times.

The success of CBP rests, among other things, on the proposal of complete and customized solutions to meet the needs of their 3 stakeholders: insurers, distributors and those seeking insurance.

CBP wishes to guarantee its partners the availability of solutions adapted to each context with a high reactivity. To do this, CBP has always designed their IT strategy in order to meet these objectives: to develop its own business applications, to use state-of-the-art architectures and technologies, to have agile development processes.

Pascal Guillard, Member of the Management Board in charge of the operational excellence pole within the GIE CBP, has launched a strategic project to transform its IT in this ongoing search for optimization, agility and responsiveness. The ultimate goal is to enable its partners to benefit from the opportunities offered by the so-called mature “cloud” services market.

The two main reasons for this decision were as follows:

1) Reduce IT costs to reinvest gains in product enhancements

2) Guarantee the best SLA to their customers in order to increase the quality of services on a 24/7 basis


CBP wanted to start this journey in the public cloud by choosing AWS as a platform.