Multinational Media and Entertainment Company

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The Challenge

The customer's data technology team was in the process of transforming and moving the company’s data analytics capability to Google Cloud Platform (GCP). The goal was to create a consistent and scalable data platform capability across the company, enabling business and data teams to produce high-quality, data-driven insights for their business. 

Their environment, pre-engagement was disparate, running across GCP and on-premise. As part of a broader programme, the customer needed a scalable, supportable and secure framework for adopting GCP, to further strengthen their GCP adoption.

The Solution

As part of this engagement, Cloudreach:

    • Audited the customer’s existing GCP implementation, with a view to understanding the current state and recommending a target state aligned to the overall technical architecture and best practices. 
    • Based on the current state review findings, defined a blueprint target operating model for the management and operation of the capability service that can operate efficiently at scale. This future Operating Model aligned to the final architecture of the data platform. This review also included an analysis of the ticketing process i.e how they are raised, delivered and resolved. 
    • Our team also augment the customer’s data team in order to reduce the current ticket backlog for the GCP capability service. 

The Outcome

The customer now has an actionable roadmap that addressed their needs so they can accelerate the time-to-value of adopting Google Cloud Platform. They now have a secure, well-governed environment in GCP to support their broader adoption efforts. 

Multinational Media and Broadcasting Company

The customer is a leading multinational media and entertainment company with operations across Europe. They are one of the largest media companies and broadcasters specialising in satellite television and internet broadband services.