Cloudreach and AWS assist bp in accelerating its digital transformation and realizing its 'cloud-first' ambitions.

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The Challenge

bp is currently navigating a large-scale digital transformation journey, with the goal of modernizing its IT organization, becoming more innovative, adopting agile methodologies, and creating a world-class engineering team.

Over the past seven years, bp has adopted a “Cloud First” strategy. This has involved building brand new applications and workloads in the public cloud, as well as moving, transforming, and modernizing existing applications and services from its Data Centres to the public cloud. 

Ultimately, bp is looking to become a digital leader, using all the advantages that the Cloud brings to deliver IT services more rapidly, build new applications at pace, and increase the cost-efficiency and agility of its IT organization. 

Cloudreach has been working with bp’s IT organization since 2014 with Cloudreach providing expertise, experience, and its team’s unrivaled knowledge of how to intelligently adopt the Cloud.

The Solution

In its time working with bp, Cloudreach has helped design, build, and deliver several cloud landing zone platforms on AWS. These landing zones make it easier for bp users to use the Cloud at scale by managing financial processes and connectivity, and embedding controls within the platform offerings, to ensure they meet bp security and compliance policies. 

These platforms have been delivered using agile methodologies, with a focus on continuous improvement and development. bp's AWS Landing Zones consist of thousands of VMs which, despite their complexity, allow bp to automate the configuration of new accounts with ease. Cloudreach continues to help bp deliver new capabilities and services to advance bp’s cloud adoption and transformation by migrating existing workloads to AWS. 

Committed to its transformation, bp decided to re-platform some of its applications rather than migrate via lift-and-shift. With that in mind, Cloudreach helped bp build a fully managed IaaS platform so applications could be moved to a new OS version in AWS.  Key features included complex automation of building hardened and secure machine images, configuration management, automated patching capabilities (using AWS Systems Manager), and a robust identity and access management system.

Later, to help accelerate bp’s data center exit program, Cloudreach helped launch a separate migration project where it built an additional landing zone and migrated a number of complex apps on to it. In this case, bp opted for lift-and-shift to cut down on migration times and increase the velocity of its data center exit. 

Most recently, Cloudreach helped bp design, build, and deploy one of the world's most complex Hub and Spoke AWS Landing Zone architectures. Often referred to as a "shared services" model, Hub and Spoke allows you to build for scale while segmenting infrastructure to ensure security, compliance, and network isolation. Hub and Spoke is a multi-tenant, self-service, account provisioning platform providing application teams with a high degree of freedom. It offers access to many AWS services while maintaining central governance, security, and compliance. It also includes integration with various bp billing tools, monitoring, and alerting tools and CMDB.  The Hub and Spoke model encourages transformational migrations where applications are not only re-architected for the Cloud, but it also allows net-new cloud-native applications to be created at pace and scale.

Note: the diagram above is a high-level look at Hub & Spoke Architecture on AWS, not a diagram of BP’s infrastructure.

The Partnership

Cloudreach has become a key partner for bp, engaging with teams across the business, from C-Level through to delivery, engineering, and operations. Cloudreach has consistently achieved outcomes that provided bp’s internal customers with the means to use the AWS platform in a safe, secure and effective manner to progress its cloud transformation and innovation solutions. 

A prime example of this in action was seen during the development of the Hub and Spoke platform. With help from Cloudreach, bp built the first release of the platform in just a couple of months. The unique differentiator that Cloudreach brought to the table was deep expertise across a broad range of technologies, not limited to AWS, and agile working culture. 

This expertise and Cloudreach’s unique culture helped foster a successful partnership and helped upskill bp’s internal resources at the same time.

The Outcome

Cloudreach has assisted bp in accelerating its digital transformation and realizing its ‘Cloud-First’ ambitions by building secure and reliable platforms that provide a modern IT infrastructure. This has empowered bp’s development teams to build innovative cloud-native applications and improve productivity through automation, as controls are embedded in cloud environments. 

As a result, new cloud environments can now be provisioned within hours and valuable insights can be garnered from data and AI services which can rapidly deliver value to the business and bp customers.  

bp is well on its way to establishing itself as a global digital leader. Through working with Cloudreach, bp has the platforms it needs to enable mass migration of applications at speed and has benefited from the guidance and expertise provided to upskill and enable its engineering team to make full use of the infinite resource of AWS. 

“Cloudreach brought highly specialized skills that we didn’t have internally at bp, and helped us establish our cloud regions, our technical patterns, automated everything from the outset, and ensured billing transparency for our businesses - something we were never able to do on an on-premise environment.”

Stewart Fry, VP and CIO, Global Enterprise Systems at bp


bp is a global energy company with wide reach across the world’s energy system. It provides customers with fuel, energy, lubricants and petrochemical products used to make everyday items like paints, clothes and packaging. The company has also been investing in renewable energy with a focus on biofuels, biopower, and wind & solar energy, notably targeting large-scale solar projects through its Lightsource bp initiative.