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Cloudreach helps Dentsu Aegis Network migrate over 300 applications from four global data centers onto Microsoft Azure.

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The Challenge

Many global companies like Dentsu Aegis Network operate their own global data centers to ensure business performance and reliability. However, running data centers is a CapEx- and OpEx-intensive business in an era where companies increasingly favor gaining capabilities over owning or operating IT assets.

Dentsu's leaders decided to go cloud-first to obtain the agility, scale, performance, and reliability the agency needs to run and grow its global businesses and achieve its goal of 100% digital delivery. The agency also sought to transform its data infrastructure and use artificial intelligence for analytics and forecasting.

Dentsu was facing the following challenges:

  • Slow business processes hindered the agency’s ability to quickly respond to technology and market changes.
  • Shadow IT adoption of cloud exposed IT to unknown operational, financial and security risks.
  • The company had high OpEx costs which it wanted to funnel into innovation initiatives.



The Solution

The agency engaged Cloudreach to migrate applications from four global data centers to the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. The initiative included defining a cloud target operating model, governance, migration planning, and execution of circa 300 applications, and delivering operational acceptance with security assurances.  

During this initiative, we helped the agency Define a cloud-first operating model, including all people and process changes required to make the transition to a cloud-first environment.

  • Implement Azure landing zone’s globally to empower sub-brands to consume public cloud services within agency governance and compliance controls.
  • Plan a business-critical migration successfully, using our Cloudamize software to quantify and sequence the workloads that needed to be migrated.
  • Enhance performance with core operations support, including workload monitoring and management.
  • Improve security with AlertLogic Security-as-a-Service with 24 hours a day/seven days a week coverage.
  • Update Databases to PaaS where possible (Azure SQL Database, SQL Server on Virtual Machines, Azure SQL Data Warehouse).

The Partnership

We provided a team of experts to assist Dentsu on their cloud journey. This included Cloud Strategists, Programme/Project Managers, Cloud Architects, System Developers and Service Delivery Specialists.

This team worked with the customer to apply our cloud adoption methodology which included:

  • Helping the business develop a business case and strategy for cloud adoption.
  • Assessing its operating model across people, processes and technology.
  • Creating a governance framework and technical design for the new cloud infrastructure.
  • Scaling cloud adoption by using repeatable patterns to five global regions.
  • Focusing on speed for high-velocity migrations through adopting agile program methodology.
  • Using cloud-native tooling. 
  • Determining its path for cloud-readiness with proof of concepts.
  • Optimizing migrations with cost models, automation and improved processes.

The Outcome

Dentsu continues to grow in the Azure cloud, based on our global design. The cloud migration initiative was completed in 12 months by December 2019,  ahead of the agency’s 2020 deadline. 

Through working with us, the customer was able to develop a long-term cloud vision across people, processes and technology. They could terminate their data center contracts, migrating circa 300 applications to Azure and moving away from IaaS to PaaS managed services.

Dentsu was able to achieve cloud economics savings through intelligent design and migrations in the cloud. They were also able to reduce the problem of shadow IT with a controlled self-provisioning model and improving business performance with enhanced availability and performance.

Dentsu Aegis Network can now use Microsoft Azure to automate more business processes and use data insights, analytics, and machine learning to explore new business opportunities.

Dentsu Aegis Network

Dentsu Aegis Network sought to accelerate its cloud journey to enable 100 percent digital delivery by 2020. A multinational media agency, the company operates in 145 countries and has more than 40,000 staff. Dentsu Aegis Network wanted to move out of its four global data centers and utilize the benefits of cloud to improve governance and eliminate shadow IT, decreasing their business and operational risks.