T-Mobile Netherlands

Cloudreach helps T-Mobile Netherlands migrate from their data centre, within a tight deadline, and implements cost optimisation services.

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The Challenge

T-Mobile Netherlands was eager to establish a public cloud footprint and knew they needed a partner who could help accelerate timelines, implement and operate under industry guidelines and best practices, and provide the insight and learnings to help TMNL understand each step of their cloud adoption process. 

TMNL had an ambitious timeline and wanted to renew one of their data centers in The Hague to continue to offer the best customer experience to their customers with their award-winning network. A lift-and-shift migration approach to AWS fitted the business case and was the most suitable, with architecture design improvements and efficiencies to be executed where timelines would allow. 

The organization had a number of different business initiatives running in parallel to this, which meant TMNLs internal resources were strapped for bandwidth and time. Cloudreach worked alongside T-Systems International (TSI) to provide an experienced team to lead and implement the project (It was the first project delivered between Cloudreach and TSI’s newly formed partnership). Therefore, ways of working between these two organizations, such as the governance model and operational integration points, were established as part of this project and set the standard for how future projects would be delivered together.

The Solution

Together with TMNL, Cloudreach designed and implemented AWS Landing Zone to automate the setup of a new environment in AWS. The solution is designed to help the customer set up new AWS workloads that can scale to support production implementations for large-scale migrations. Using AWS CloudFormation, the AWS Landing Zone build includes:

  • Account structure, policies and resource groups
  • Networking, including  VPCs, AWS Direct Connect, VPN failover, and routing to the internet 
  • Tagging standards and naming conventions
  • RBAC Roles, Switch Role, User Account MFA
  • Logging
  • AWS Active Directory Auto-Join 

Furthermore Cloudreach built and migrated the following Shared Services in AWS:

  • AWS Directory Services Managed Active Directory
  • LDAP & Oracle LDAP
  • OpenVPN
  • Splunk
  • AWS Storage Gateway

Cloudreach successfully migrated four of TMNL’s business critical applications which included producing low-level designs, reusable migration runbooks, and providing incident aftercare resolving all high severity issues. The applications migrated included a contract management application, an external file transfer application, a back-end system for call center statistics, and a sales order management and orchestration system. 

Cloudreach onboarded those environments onto our Reliability Servicesv(Managed Services and Cost Reliability) once the migration was complete for ongoing operational support and infrastructure management.

The Outcome

Cloudreach successfully migrated six shared services and four applications from TMNL’s Data Center in The Hague to AWS within the June 2019 deadline. All of the applications and shared services were onboarded to Cloudreach’s 24x7 Reliability Services. 

With our Cost Reliability services, Cloudreach was able provide TMNL with great insight on their AWS spend; through custom reports useful for the business (e.g. Spend grouped by Application). Cost optimisation opportunities have been identified and implemented, including rightsizing and implementing Auto Start/Stop Scheduling of applications.

About T-Mobile Netherlands

T-Mobile Netherlands (TMNL), a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom, is one of the largest Dutch mobile telecommunications companies. Founded in 1998 and based in Den Haag, Netherlands, TMNL offers a leading portfolio of mobile telecommunications, internet, landlines and interactive TV services for consumers and businesses.

The company serves 5,5 million mobile users and 587.000 fixed users.