Alternative Apparel

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The Situation

Alternative Apparel experienced growing competition in the apparel e-Commerce market. The customer sought to achieve competitive advantage in how they deliver an online shopping experience. The experience needed to be consistent and provide the scalability that their customers expected. As a part of a broader initiative to use cloud computing, Alternative Apparel began exploring hosting   their eCommerce platform in the cloud.

Alternative Apparel’s largest challenge was related to increased demand based upon seasonal buying cycles of their customers. The Company needed an experienced partner that could work with their team to build a next generation platform.

The Solution

Cloudreach’s experienced cloud architects worked with the Alternative Apparel team to develop a highly scalable architecture that leveraged AWS best practices for design and security. The design addressed current challenges surrounding how the customer maintained and deployed their code.

Cloudreach worked with the customer to develop a CI-CD architecture which would replace their current SaltStack code management platform.

Services Leveraged in this implementation:

  • GitHub – SCM used as the code repository with commit hooks to trigger builds
  • CodeDeploy – Deploy code and configuration to instances as they emerge in the horizontally scaling architecture
  • S3 – Store static content including images, stylesheets, artifacts, and configuration
  • CloudFormation – Used to automate the infrastructure including VPC definitions and separate definitions for the application and data tier
  • ELB + Autoscale – Application infrastructure scaling by utilizing Elastic Load Balancing to instances in an Autoscale group
  • IAM – Access control of users across accounts and environments; Use of IAM Roles to limit the use of access keys in implementations
  • SaltStack – method for defining configuration at the instance level

The Benefit

Alternative Apparel was prepared for the most recent holiday season and was confident in supporting promotions during peak seasonal periods. The AWS environment was able to deliver a 50% increase in performance across the environment.

Cloudreach is now also providing managed AWS services with intrusion detection, threat vulnerability scanning, backup, and additional services to support their growing AWS environment.

About Alternative Apparel

Alternative Apparel is a fashion lifestyle brand best known for comfort, simplicity and its commitment to sustainability. Through innovative apparel design and involvement in purposeful causes, it aims to connect people, inspire creativity and catalyze change.