A Global Consulting Firm

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A Global Consulting Firm

The customer is a major global consulting organisation, who help clients in strategic engagements designed not just to resolve business problems but also to deliver insight and innovation. We’d been working with the customer organisation for a while prior to this engagement, mostly within the AWS public cloud space. They had a number of data intensive applications stored in private data centres which they wanted to host in Azure, as they were interested in embracing a multi-cloud approach, and laying the foundations for a cross cloud Disaster Recovery model. It made sense to the customer to work with Cloudreach, since we had proven experience with both Azure and AWS Clouds, and already knew their business and processes.

The Challenge

The customer was new to Azure, and needed specialist advice to determine the best route for mapping their applications to the cloud. They were keen to understand how to architect Azure in a robust and repeatable way for scaling, and to allow them to migrate additional applications to Azure in the future.

It was therefore a case of defining requirements from scratch. Some of the functionalities we wanted to use had only just been released by the Azure team, so we were working at the bleeding edge of the technical capabilities on offer, and having to learn certain functionality as we worked – in close collaboration with Microsoft. In addition, the customer has specific enterprise security requirements that needed to be met, so this was another significant factor to bear in mind.

The Solution

There were two stages to our solution.

Consulting and Scoping:

  • Discovery phase to educate the customer about Azure and uncover their high level requirements.
  • Define a governance framework for security team to sign off.
  • Define a sustainable governance and management framework for a number of applications in the cloud.

Development and Build:

  • Provide professional services to help deliver an initial implementation for shared services and auditing tools. Key shared services involved included Security (Antivirus and Vulnerability Scanning), Deployment Pipelines, Configuration Management and Auditing Tooling.

The Partnership

Our deep experience in both AWS and Azure clouds meant we could design a common governance model that would apply for the customer’s entire multi-cloud environment.

Leveraging our strong relationship with Microsoft, we were able to deliver the very latest functionality that was only just on the point of being released, ensuring that the customer had early access to the very latest Azure technology.

The Outcome

We enabled the customer to deploy applications in Azure within Enterprise Governance and Security requirements.
We designed the customer’s governance model to be uniform across their entire multi-cloud environment.
We provided the architectural blueprint for the customer’s multi-cloud environment for security sign-offs.
We prepared the customer’s shared services and auditing tooling in preparation for on-boarding applications to the Azure cloud. This significantly reduces their application on-boarding time, so they can get to market more quickly and innovate more quickly. This also reduced build costs, because applications will now take less time to take to market.
We ensured commonality of shared services across all the various application teams, reducing management overhead.