That’s right…Cloudreach is heading to Sweden!

We are delighted to announce the expansion of our European practice to the Nordics with our brand new base in Stockholm, Sweden. Famed for its iconic city hall, having over 100 museums, and its artistic, bat-cave-esque subway stations, Stockholm will be our new centre of operations in the region; increasing our ability to serve and deliver for our customers new and old in this burgeoning, cloud market.

Why the Nordics?

The Nordics is a market full of opportunity. The four key Nordic nations account for more than $1.5 trillion GDP, making it the eleventh largest economic area in the world. Home to many well-known brands and global corporations, this region punches above its weight when it comes to business and innovation. In 2017, the Nordic region features  250 companies in the billion dollar club, with 3000 companies with revenues over 100M USD.

The region has shown a particular appetite for cloud computing services in recent years.Figures from Eurostat, monitoring the percentage of enterprises using cloud computing services in the EU Member States (2018),  show Finland, Sweden and Denmark leading the table, all sporting figures over 50%. The opportunities on offer in the region have been noticed by our Cloud Service Provider partners, with AWS also choosing Stockholm as the base for their Nordic region and Azure and GCP choosing Norway and Finland respectively.

Why Stockholm?

The most populous city of the three major Scandinavian countries, Stockholm is the banking centre of Sweden, with SEB, Handelsbanken and Swedbank all based in the city. It also hosts the headquarters of brands such as Ericsson, H&M, and Spotify.

Investment throughout the entire Nordic region (especially in tech) has increased in recent years and Stockholm is emerging as an important hub for innovative startups and established tech players alike. This, alongside high quality of life, has attracted a rich talent pool of developers, architects, and engineers.

This new location will expose us to more customers and new, potential Cloudreachers. The experience and expertise we gain in this venture can only further improve our service delivery, both in the region and globally, as well as helping us expand our software roadmap and continue to develop innovative software-enabled services.

Why are we excited?

At Cloudreach, we continue on our mission to elevate technology and people, so they can reach new heights. For our customers, this involves ensuring we are where they need us to be, offering expertise, service, and support so they can adopt cloud efficiently and at scale. We recognise that the Nordics are a key region for many of our existing enterprise customers and key partners, so it makes sense that we have a local presence that is focused on service and delivery excellence in this market.

Expansion into new territories is in Cloudreach’s blood and is a vital part of how we aim to meet our customer’s service and delivery expectations. Our growth in North America has been exciting to behold over the last few years, and the expansion to a new European location, providing an encouraging foothold in a growing market, has renewed our ambition to be seen as the premier cloud company in both continents.

Want to join our brand new team in Stockholm? Keep an eye out for some exciting, new opportunities on our careers page over the next few months.