Trainline for Business

Trainline for Business provides rail booking solutions for large corporate entities, SMEs (small and medium sized enterprises) and Travel Management Companies, offering self-service and account managed products as well as an API for UK rail.

The Trainline new business team were existing users of Salesforce – they’d had licenses for several years. These however were largely unused since the environment was not optimised to give the insight required for smart, data-driven business decisions.

“The use of Salesforce and the setup provided by Cloudreach has given the new business team and senior management instant access to real-time data, which is used to make decisions on our future strategy. Salesforce is a solution the team use day in, day out, both providing information on individuals’ performance and also business reporting. It has optimised processes and the way the new business team spend their time.”

Duncan Schofield Business Development Manager

The Challenge

There had been a need for this optimisation for two years leading up to the project’s initiation. The biggest challenge for Trainline was finding a way to explain what was required by the business to a partner who was not familiar with that business model.

A key objective for Trainline was to optimise Salesforce to deliver tracking of pipeline opportunities, monitoring of KPIs and forward forecasting year-end sales positions. The project had two key phases: initial set up of key functionality, followed by automation and optimisation of the processes around this.

“The Salesforce system prior to the involvement of Cloudreach was, in essence, a database rather than the business solution that would become integral to how the new business team works day to day now.” – DS

The Solution

  • Cloudreach designed and implemented the opportunity process, as well as automation for pro rating of opportunity based on train periods.
  • We needed to migrate data for ‘Lead’, ‘Account’ and ‘Opportunities’ fields.
  • We integrated Salesforce with DueDil, a tool that provides data diligence around target businesses, and with Outlook 365.
  • Cloudreach further developed the forecasting functionality, using Apex, to ensure that the business process could be carried out from end to end on the Salesforce platform.
  • We produced opportunity and forecasting reports and dashboards for Trainline to use going forwards. We also built on top of this forecasting functionality, so Trainline could forecast for longer contracts that went beyond a single year.
  • Trainline’s original position had involved a lot of manual work, so if a contract’s dates were changed they’d have to manually update all forecasting. Now this is all automated, so if a user changes the end date of a contract, forecasting automatically updates.

The Partnership

During the project we held regular feedback sessions in order to provide continuous development. It was also important to run User Acceptance testing on all functionality during this process, as well as training on the new opportunity process, to enable Trainline to use the new features independently once the project was complete.

Cloudreach were chosen for this project for our expertise, similar cultural values, and understanding of a complex business model allowing us to act as a true partner.

“The approach taken during the project had to change as we had evolved and understood the system and what we required. This was taken on board by the team at Cloudreach. From the initial meeting, we knew that Cloudreach were an expert in their field, but also had a personal touch which matched our own culture and way of working. The technical implementation team and project managers were a pleasure to work with and they made sure that Trainline were constantly kept up to date with the progress of the work. Even when challenges arose, the team at Cloudreach maintained the professional but personable approach we came to expect.” – DS

The Outcome

After the optimisation was complete, Trainline had increased visibility of the opportunity pipeline and forecasting. Revenue allocation for prorated train periods was automated.

All data was collected and stored more cleanly. Internal KPI measurement was improved on both proactive and reactive business.

“The Trainline new business team went from using spreadsheets to having access to a world-class CRM system that allows the team to access real time data, report on key opportunities, manage their workload and provide senior management with key metrics used to make decisions.” – DS

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