Quiqup is a delivery service that can deliver anything, anywhere, within the hour. The nature of Quiqup’s business meant that they quickly built up a huge amount of data which, without any CRM, was managed through Google Spreadsheets and Gmail. Processes were manual and it was quite difficult to find and organise the data, which was growing exponentially day by day.

The visibility over data was quite restricted, so it was difficult for Quiqup to gain real business insight from their data-sets, and a challenge to build truly comprehensive customer relationship model. They decided that the Salesforce solution was the CRM they needed to give them a unified view of their data and lay solid foundations for future growth by utilising the benefits of the platform. Cloudreach were recommended as a partner by Salesforce, due to our vast experience handling projects of this nature.

The Challenge

Quiqup had no experience with the Salesforce platform, and needed a certified partner who could quickly understand their business needs and develop the best solution.

Since their success had been so rapid, and with the aforementioned data growth showing no signs of slowing, Quiqup soon found themselves with vital customer information scattered across multiple different systems.

The key challenge was finding the best way to manage and structure the data centrally in Salesforce, creating a single source of truth in a CRM system. A 360 view of customer data would allow Quiqup to build more meaningful and personalised relationships with their customers. As part of this process, we had to work efficiently with Quiqup’s very busy data analyst to assist with reviewing the data model.

The Solution

  • We ran a number of sessions to understand Quiqup’s business structure and solution requirements. In the initial session we learned more about their business and how it functions, their processes and the relationships between the different data sets, so that we could map all this information back to Salesforce. This process helped us identify which types of data should be stored on or off platform, to provide the greatest benefit and cost efficiency.
  • We produced a Solution Architecture document based on the findings we had collected, so that Quiqup would have a tangible output from the sessions that they could refer to in future.
  • We started to implement Sales and Service Cloud, and Docusign integration, so that Quiqup could manage their contracts electronically.
  • We implemented Cloudreach Connect, our own unique iPaaS solution, so that we could unite all the different data sources and make them accessible in one place.
  • We ran classroom based training sessions, and provided detailed training manuals and presentation slides after the configuration was complete. This was to ensure Quiqup could be self-sufficient when using the new solution, and also provided post Go-Live support to help them adjust to the new way of working.

The Partnership

We spent time on-site with the Quiqup team, to ensure they were comfortable with the progress of the project. We made significant financial savings for Quiqup to the tune of £100k per annum by optimising their data storage model. The similar cultures of our two companies made working together a real pleasure.

Cloudreach are looking forward to working with Quiqup again in the future, implementing new platform related technologies, while helping them expand and utilise the massive amounts of data they collect and store within the Salesforce framework.

The Outcome

Quiqup are now able to have a more personalised relationship with their customers, knowing that the customer data they hold is complete and up to date. There has been an increase in productivity due to decreased time searching for data, and additionally process automation.

A key business objective for Quiqup was to improve transparency, and the new solution has made significant improvements in this regard. The new custom reports and dashboards allow the Quiqup team to gain valuable insight into their data-sets, and be better prepared for the future growth that undoubtedly lies ahead.

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